A Message from President Tom Callahan: 2019 in Review

Every year, I like to take a moment to reflect on the advancements made and lessons I’ve learned.

In 2019, we passed immense milestones, successfully released innovative products, and won big in regards to growth capital and expansion in the market. We’re taking this year and building on it. Here’s what I mean.

Future-proof product development

We are committed to creating products that are 100% focused on our customers… and our customers’ customers. Releases and updates like DonlenDriver focus exclusively on your drivers and aim to improve our already impressive security standards (courtesy of Amazon AWS). IVIC provides all of your vehicle’s information in a modern, easy-to-digest layout. Managing open recall campaigns is a huge pain point for our customers, and updates to Recall inSIGHT offering helps take the headache out of managing those recalls.

A commitment to emerging fleets also shaped our direction in 2019. Donlen is embracing the uncharted territories of autonomous vehicles, electrification and delivery as a service, by partnering with game changers in the mobility space. Connected, advanced technologies within mobility, like FleetWeb® and DriverPoint® Telematics, are at the core of what sets us miles ahead of our competition. It’s all done in the name of simplifying your job as a fleet manager.


Donlen’s Community Caring was a huge focus in 2019. The team donated a reading nook and provided backpacks to students in need at Whittier Elementary School. We spent an evening organizing books to give to more than 300 low-income children in the Chicagoland area. We even donated supplies and clothing to a domestic violence shelter. And let’s not forget about our initiatives for the Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation. With the support of Hertz, we were able to help raise $10,000 in donations for the cause. The list continues.

We got our hands dirty helping those who need it and made a serious impact in the community we work in. In a year laden with accomplishments, this is one of my most proud.  

The ongoing path of learning and education

We put a renewed focus on training communications surrounding product launches in 2019. In-depth training is supplied with every release through several email communications. Customers now receive dedicated monthly webinars on how to best leverage our innovative products. We launched more content surrounding industry trends than ever before including several key webinars and revamped white papers. We created downloadable tools that fleet managers and drivers found intensely educational (all provided by our in-house fleet pros). Our best work shines when we take training and self-education seriously.

Donlen and Hertz, together

Hertz’s Revlab now lives in our Bannockburn headquarters, bridging a more intuitive relationship between Hertz and Donlen that strengthens every day. True connectivity between Donlen and our parent company allowed us to elevate our status in fleet. We’re discovering the harmony of fleet and travel and creating serious joint value, including the support we offer Hertz Small Business Leasing.

2020 and beyond

It’d be remiss of me not to reflect on the changes Donlen saw in 2019. Fleet continues to become more and more vibrant, with new competition and services that challenge our norms. Donlen hasn’t been alone in facing those growing pains. As we continue to expand to national and international status, key communication amongst our team will swell and become second nature.

User input and experience will be integral to our success in 2020. We’re creating something thoughtful through the feedback of our customers. Investing in digital interface improvements are at the forefront of our strategy.

As we are a people-first company, our employees are the face of the brand and I’m grateful for the family we’ve created at Donlen. We are a distinctive and a fierce group. I never want to take this for granted. Thank you for helping us shape the fleet industry – we all benefit from the immense change and growth, and we’re not looking back.

Get ready to see Donlen evolve. This is not the Donlen you knew from 15 years ago. I am exhilarated at the thought of the advancements Donlen will be a part of in 2020. Thank you for being loyal partners and friends.

Have a happy and safe new year.

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