Global Fleet Strategy for Today


If your company operates vehicles in more than one country, your fleet is a global fleet. You may already have a global fleet strategy or you may be in the process of developing one. Either way, The Global Fleet Conference, “Around the World in 12 Hours”, took place May 12th 2021. It was an excellent opportunity for corporate fleet managers to hear from industry leaders from around the world sharing valuable insights and real-life experiences. Don’t worry if you missed it. The conference organizers have recorded everything and it is free to watch any or all of the sessions.


At the conference, Tom Callahan, Donlen’s CEO, and Marchel Koops, Chief Commercial Officer of Athlon, spoke together about the trends and priorities impacting global fleet strategy. In partnership since 2011, it just so happens that the conference date marked the ten-year anniversary of our relationship.


One of the most important questions Tom and Marchel tackled was whether a ‘once size fits all’ approach can work for multinational fleets. The answer was a resounding no. Different regions and even different countries within those regions have unique rules, regulations, taxation practices, compliance laws and available lease models. So, it is of primary importance to work with a fleet management company that has the relevant regional expertise in addition to being able to service customers in a global way. Marchel Koops says, “We always say you need to have the best of both worlds.”


The other relevant and timely subjects as they relate to global fleet strategy included:


· Fleet management areas that should be managed with a truly global approach from telematics to safety

· The pandemic and its impact on overall trends in the fleet industry and global marketplace including the trend towards electrification

· Sustainability and mobility in North America and Europe

· Other top of mind ideas to consider as you move forward with your global fleet strategy


The session is only fifteen minutes, but it is packed with valuable nuggets to enlighten and inspire. We welcome you to listen to the session or contact us with any questions you may have at

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