2022 Wheels Donlen Industry Events

We’d love to see you at any of the top industry events we will be attending between now and the end of the year. Check out when we will be there!


NETS Annual Benchmark Conference

October 5 - 6, 2022 | Ann Arbor, MI


The NETS Annual Benchmark Conference brings together organizations across the commercial spectrum including government and non-profit as well as a variety of industries. The purpose of the conference is to exhibit and share advancements in road safety. This conference is an excellent opportunity to network with road safety experts and other professionals focused on improving safety.


AFLA Corporate Fleet Conference

October 10 - 13, 2022 | Phoenix, AZ


The 2022 AFLA Corporate Fleet Conference is an educational event in which member companies address important topics impacting the fleet industry. Fleet buyers and sellers from 600 member companies representing a broad swath of industries attend this conference to address everything from advanced vehicle design to telematics and remarketing. This conference is a prime opportunity to network, learn, exchange information, and build skills.


AFLA’s message to potential new members is: “AFLA is an active and growing association and welcomes industry professionals to join its loyal and enthusiastic membership.”


Wheels Donlen Results+ Fleet Performance Summit

November 3, 2022, | Chicago, IL


Since its inception ten years ago, the Results+ Fleet Performance Summit has always been the time to learn from and celebrate your successes.


The Summit will include everything that you have to come to expect from this event: hear real-life fleet success stories, network with your industry peers, and take away industry insights that will continue to enhance your fleet programs.


Fleet Forward Conference

November 9 - 11, 2022 | Santa Clara, CA


Sponsored by Bobit and Automotive Fleet, the concept behind the Fleet Forward Conference is to bring together companies servicing the fleet industry with a focus on new technologies and products providing fleet professionals with exposure to new ideas, concepts, and trends. Education topics focus on all things mobility including but not limited to autonomous technology, last-mile delivery, electrification, and next-generation telematics. It is a great opportunity for fleet professionals to make connections and explore possibilities.


The Fleet Safety Conference is now incorporated into the Fleet Forward Conference.


Fleet Europe Summit

November 16 - 17, 2022 | Dublin, Ireland


The 2022 Fleet Europe Summit takes place in Dublin, Ireland. This international event is one of the top conferences for fleet and mobility professionals. Representing over 35 countries, attendees and sponsors are made up of over 1,200 industry decision-makers and influencers. By attending, you will keep abreast of innovation and transformation within the fleet industry with areas of focus including new financial models, mobility as a service, connectivity, electrification, remarketing, safety, last-mile delivery, and autonomous vehicles. On top of everything else, it is a fantastic networking opportunity.


All of these events are fabulous opportunities to explore and discover new concepts and ideas. Make new connections and rekindle old ones. Broaden your horizons. Sharpen your insights into the evolution of the fleet industry. And most importantly, make sure to stop by and see us!


Feel free to download our event calendar here!

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