9 Things to Look for in a Fleet Management Software Provider

fleet management softwareFleet technology has evolved a lot over the years, and now fleet management software is able to offer fleet professionals more data and resources than ever before. A fleet management platform should equip you with the tools you need to efficiently make decisions and manage your fleet, but that can be difficult when there are several different providers of fleet management software. To make sure that you get the best software for your fleet, check out our list of nine things you should look for when selecting a fleet management software provider.

1. Fleet management tools powered by one software platform and data source

The more data sources behind a fleet management system, the more likely it is to run into inconsistent, conflicting data. On the flip side, when fleet management software is powered by one central database with one source code base and consistent code standards, your data can be accessed more quickly and is more accurate and consistent. Having access to data that is actionable and repeatable is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a fleet management platform, so make sure you find out how your provider manages their data.

Vehicle Optimization Model (VOM)2. Accurate, clean data

Fleet management systems are only as good as the data they provide. If your data is inconsistent, or worse, inaccurate, that makes it harder for you to effectively analyze your data and take action to improve your fleet’s performance. As mentioned in item number one, the software’s data sources are a good place to start in order to determine whether a software will deliver accurate, consistent data. Don’t commit to a solution unless your provider offers data that you can count on to be up to date and accurate.

3. Reliability

Fleet professionals depend on fleet management software in order to manage their day-to-day responsibilities. In order to efficiently manage your fleet, you need your fleet management platform to be fully functional 24/7, 365 days a year. Before you choose a provider, find out the historic as well as estimated future uptime of their software and whether they are always monitoring uptime to ensure their uptime compares to some of the most reliable companies in the world, such as Google and Facebook.

4. Full integration of fleet management data

Data integration is key to seeing the full picture of your fleet. As a fleet manager, you are responsible for managing all aspects of your fleet, not just a few, so your fleet management system should offer you visibility into all areas of your fleet. Full integration of all of your fleet programs and services allows you to efficiently make decisions on everything from vehicle selection to remarketing and everything in between all from one software solution. Again, one software platform fed by one central database makes this possible.

5. Intuitive interface for fleet data management

FleetWeb Intelligence Visualization Suite

Fleet management software that isn’t easy to use will end up causing headaches rather than helping you manage your fleet. Does your fleet management system make it simple for you to locate and pull reports? Is it easy for you to see, understand, and share your fleet data? An intuitive interface and data visualization tools will allow you to quickly and effectively analyze your data, identify opportunities, and implement strategies to improve fleet safety and reduce costs.

6. Scalability

As companies, fleets, and technology constantly grow and evolve, it’s critical that your fleet management software provider is able to quickly adapt and accommodate the big data that your fleet provides. Scalability is determined both by the number and quality of data inputs as well as the development strategy. Look for fleet management software companies that can instantly deliver reports that reflect your fleet’s data in real-time and an agile development process with frequent updates, both of which contribute to making technology scalable and lightning fast.

DonlenDriver Mobile app7. Mobile apps reflect real-time data

More and more frequently, fleet professionals are doing their jobs on the go. This means both fleet managers and drivers need access to accurate, real-time data wherever they are through a fleet management mobile app..

Before you select a fleet management platform, find out whether the mobile versions of the software contain the same data that is available on the desktop version in real-time in order to make sure you and your drivers can get your jobs done wherever and whenever you need to.

8. Security

Fleet management systems contain a large amount of sensitive data, so security is a top concern. This is another area where the sources and quality of data are a factor. If all of your fleet data is contained in a single modern platform it is much easier ensure the security and privacy of your data. You should also make sure that your provider demonstrates a commitment to security and uses the latest security and protection innovations to keep your data safe.

9. Commitment to innovation and technology

Your fleet management software provider should be constantly evolving to take advantage of the latest and greatest developments in technology. Make sure that you partner with a fleet management company that is committed to innovation and stays on top of new trends. Look for a fleet management company that is an industry leader in technology. Indications of a fleet management software provider with a commitment to technology are a robust roadmap for future developments, frequent software updates, and a strong investment in IT resources.

Fleet management software should make your job easier, not more complicated, so make sure you choose a platform that works for you.

Donlen is one of few fleet management companies that are capable of offering all of the above, and more. All of our systems are fully integrated with our award-winning fleet management software, FleetWeb®, which is powered by one true source of data: Donlen’s Data Warehouse. FleetWeb makes it easy for you to identify savings, safety, and efficiency opportunities within your fleet with intuitive and easy-to-understand visual representations of your fleet data, real-time data access to more than 1,000 data points, and most importantly, cleansed, accurate, and reliable data.

Find out what Donlen’s powerful fleet management platform can do for you.


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