INX International Ink Co. Celebrates 50 Years with Donlen


Donlen and INX International Ink Co. gathered to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of our successful business partnership earlier this month. INX International Ink Co. originally signed on with Donlen on April 7, 1966 with Don Rappaport, co-founder of Donlen, and has maintained a valued business relationship with Donlen ever since.

Over the years, Donlen has managed and implemented various processes to maximize INX International Ink’s fleet spend. We have collaborated with INX to improve their depreciation policy and enhance cash flow, used forecasting to optimize ROI on equity, and effectively managed PM compliance and national account utilization so that INX’s fleet maintains an acceptable maintenance compliance rate, driving savings for the fleet. Most recently, we have rolled out B&P reporting over the past year to meet the needs of INX’s fleet drivers.

“Donlen’s partnership with INX is highly valued. For 50 years, Donlen has assisted INX to effectively manage its fleet costs, compliance and efficiencies. We rely on Donlen’s professional expertise and consultation and leverage their technology to help us continue to focus on identifying the Best-in-Class vehicles that will meet our wide range of needs,” said Leah Fallico, Fleet & Office Services Manager at INX International Ink Co. “Our two business cultures are very similar in that we recognize that being an employer of choice, fostering long-term employee retention, and cultivating and maintaining strong customer relationships directly impacts a successful growth strategy.”

Donlen also provides services in Canada for INX International Ink Co., integrating services across borders to serve both their U.S. and Canadian fleets. Senior level contact at both companies also helps to ensure the satisfaction of INX International Ink’s fleet. We are proud of our lasting business relationship with INX International Ink Co., and we look forward to 50 more years!