A Message From President Tom Callahan: 2018 in Review

I’m proud to say 2018 was one of our finest years yet.

In January, we came in with a razor-sharp vision to prioritize processes, innovate the strongest products on the market, and never, ever fall into complacency. In the case you’re just as blown away by our impressive releases, goals, and products we launched in 2018 (here’s a hint: around 100), I’d love to reflect with you.


Innovation is a process. It involves steep collaboration in order to bridge brilliant ideas together. It involves risk, especially in an industry that’s shifting when it comes to mobility, electrification, and advanced reporting. Furthermore, a focus on innovation is for nothing unless we actually see it happening in the next few years.

In 2018, all product teams got their hands dirty to figure out what was going to be best for Donlen’s customers. Our emotional ties to our products, departments, and niches make it difficult at times to achieve this. However, the teamwork I witnessed in 2018 was simply unmatched.

As our product releases (Recall inSIGHT, Donlen Risk Center, and Canadian maintenance, just to name a few) continue to impress, we learn how to communicate releases more effectively. Through simple, guided instructions, our product training webinars teach users how best to utilize each release. We strengthened our reporting process by focusing on better data that makes sense for everyone. Additionally, our truck team vastly outperformed my expectations by consolidating effort across multiple operational groups. Remarketing initiatives in 2018 allowed us to differentiate ourselves by offering specific products and services through our partnership with Hertz.

Telematics – wow. In 2019, expect an enormous increase in telematic-equipped vehicles that Donlen will have the pleasure of working alongside. We invested into our own telematics team, our own software, and it’s paying off.

Personal Wins

We’re a leader in our field because of our scalability, technology, and how we collaborate amongst ourselves. Sure, we’ve won big deals. But we also brought Donlen to a new level. In past years, we began to shape how we wanted to be perceived through a complete rebranding. In the past, we prided ourselves on being the best kept secret. Not anymore. In 2019, expect investments in mobility and technology that differentiate Donlen from our competitors. We’re mighty, we’re fast, and we’re one to watch out for.

And What I’ve Learned.

Every year I’m reintroduced to the importance of clear communication. If our products and services aren’t offered alongside training, improvement, and getting into the hands of the right people, that’s an area of necessary improvement. We bettered our communication channels and our ability to provide actionable insights that drive cost-saving results. We’re not afraid of evolving in order to constantly grow as a company.

Eyes on the Road Ahead

In 2019, we’re focusing on building a stronger culture. I am proud of what our employees do every day. Our collaboration amongst teams will continue to improve, as well as accountability within these groups. We’re taking on new, fresh talent. I see new ideas brainstorming within Donlen that I’ve never seen within this industry.

The fun part of this industry? The unknown. The grey area allows for us to position ourselves to really amplify what Donlen brings to fleet management. The industry is changing.

New ideas will emerge in the years ahead. At Donlen, we’re well positioned for the future and welcome the challenge.

Thank you for being a part of the Donlen family. We wish you all the best in the new year. I cannot wait to continue to build upon the innovation, teamwork, and technology that makes us great.

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