Eyes on the Road Ahead – New Look, Enhanced Focus

As time has passed and the industry has changed, Donlen has changed as well in order to stay ahead of the curve and deliver superior service to our customers. Consequently, it only makes sense that as a fleet management company with a focus on the future, Donlen is adopting a more modern look, including a new logo and color scheme, with a strong focus on our connection to our parent company, Hertz.

Donlen logo

With a new look and our eyes on the road ahead, we are preparing for the evolution of strategic fleet management. Hertz’s strong brand awareness makes them easily recognizable worldwide, and as Donlen enters more countries through our global network, it makes sense to adopt the strength of the recognizable black and yellow colors in our brand. Donlen has a strong reputation within the fleet industry and to leverage that brand strength, we will continue to use the Donlen brand equity. This new look, alongside the unique value proposition we have with Hertz, has helped prepare us for the future. Through our partnership with Hertz, we are able to provide vehicles daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, which prepares us for emerging mobility trends.

In addition to the new logo, Donlen’s technology platforms will be receiving an enhancement as we embrace our new brand. There will be no interruption to any of the services or support that Donlen customers are currently receiving. The functionality you know and love will remain the same, as will all phone numbers and teams. However, with enhanced color palettes, our applications will be even easier to use as tools to achieve your fleet objectives.  

While our brand and corporate colors have evolved, our commitment to our valued customers stays the same:

  1. Know and manage your fleet intimately
    • Our account teams are dedicated to your fleet goals and objectives
    • Your fleet will receive solutions built around your needs
  2. Continue to develop advanced, innovative fleet technology
    • Ongoing development of new technology solutions will help you solve future fleet challenges
  3. Deliver meaningful consulting insights and actionable recommendations
    • Our consultants engage with you to provide proactive strategies resulting in measurable and realized cost savings.

Donlen has a reputation throughout the industry for intimately supporting and managing fleets, developing advanced, innovative technology, and providing meaningful insights and actionable recommendations via consulting. Put simply, it is the unique attention we give every fleet that separates us from other fleet management companies. We pride ourselves on our ability to make strategic decisions and generate ideas that help our customers prosper every day.

Today, we find ourselves in a very exciting time because the changes we will see as an industry over the next three to five years will have a great impact on both the immediate and distant future of fleet. Trends such as autonomous vehicles, electrification, shared vehicle solutions, prescriptive and predictive technology, and Mobility as a Service will improve safety and change the way fleets operate. Donlen’s history of success and our ability to swiftly adapt to change will allow us to meet the challenges posed by these upcoming trends, thereby enabling our customers to meet their goals. Since becoming part of the Hertz family, we have evolved as a fleet solutions provider, as an innovator, and as a valued partner.

Be on the lookout for new products and services as we continue to develop short and long-term product roadmaps with one goal in mind: to proactively produce innovative fleet technology that’s custom tailored to a driver’s experience and delivers strategic insights that drive continuous fleet improvement.

The future of fleet is closer than it may seem, and Donlen is taking the steps necessary to prepare for that future. Through our new brand, updated technology platforms, and enhanced focus on emerging fleet trends, we are showing our customers that our eyes are on the road ahead.

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