Simplify Fleet Toll Management with DonlenPass, Now Covering the Canada 407 ETR

Enrolling vehicles with the correct toll authorities and managing fleet tolls can take a lot of valuable time away from fleet managers and drivers, especially for vehicles in Canada. If your fleet vehicles frequent Canada’s 407 ETR in Ontario, then you are no stranger to the administrative burden of managing tolls from Canada’s all-electronic tollway.

To increase the savings opportunities for our customers, we have expanded DonlenPass, Donlen’s comprehensive toll management solution, to cover tolls in Canada on the 407 ETR.

Tolls represent the largest portion of violations for fleets, and with DonlenPass, you can avoid the risk of toll violations on the 407 ETR in Ontario to control costs.

Comprehensive fleet toll coverage in the U.S. and Canada

With DonlenPass, fleet professionals gain control and visibility over their fleet’s tolls. DonlenPass allows fleets to easily enroll with flexible self-manage options, control costs through detailed vehicle-level transaction visibility, and manage one program that consolidates multiple toll accounts.

“DonlenPass has been a valuable program helping our customers manage toll spend while eliminating the administrative burden of establishing and maintaining toll accounts. We are very happy to expand our DonlenPass coverage with the addition of the 407 ETR in Ontario,” said Kimberly Howard, licensing services manager at Donlen.

DonlenPass with coverage in Canada is currently available for the all-electronic 407 ETR in Ontario. In addition to coverage in Canada, your drivers can also request transponders for use in the U.S. DonlenPass coverage includes plate-based coverage through a majority of U.S. toll authorities, simplifying and streamlining toll management for your fleet.

The map below outlines the reach of Donlen’s toll management solution.DonlenPass fleet toll management coverage

Eliminate the administrative burden of fleet toll management

Canada’s 407 ETR is an all-electronic tollway with no option for drivers to manually pay for tolls. Fleet drivers without transponders are invoiced for video tolling at a higher rate.  For many fleets, managing tolls in Canada can mean waiting for a paper invoice to arrive in the mail.  This is why account setup for the 407 ETR is an administrative pain point for fleet professionals.

“The 407 ETR invoicing and account setup processes have been a challenge for fleets operating on these all-electronic toll roads. With DonlenPass, we can easily enroll fleet vehicles and issue 407 ETR transponders,” said Howard. “This is a wonderful opportunity for U.S. and Canadian fleets alike to simplify the toll process and take advantage of our expanded coverage area and expanded savings opportunities.”

In addition to the ease of enrolling with the 407 ETR, DonlenPass is fully integrated with FleetWeb® allowing fleet managers to efficiently self-manage their toll program with access to reports that include all of your fleet’s activity and spend. DonlenPass saves time for fleet drivers by automatically registering with the correct toll authority and eliminating toll expense reporting and reimbursement. With Personal Tolling options, fleets can configure business and personal hours. Personal toll reimbursement can be sought from drivers directly.

How it works

DonlenPass-welcome-kitDonlenPass is completely automated, designed with convenience for you and your drivers in mind. We work for you to ensure your drivers get enrolled and receive all of the information they need to fully comply with the program.

The first step with DonlenPass is registration. Donlen registers your fleet vehicles with toll authorities. Next, your fleet drivers receive a customized welcome kit that includes a letter explaining the program and their transponder box, sticker, or windshield cling depending on their location. Lastly, fleet managers can begin using the DonlenPass Dashboard to make enrollment changes based on their drivers or company, or access detailed reports within FleetWeb.

With your fleet vehicles quickly and conveniently registered with the appropriate toll authorities and access to robust, detailed reports in FleetWeb, you have the tools and visibility you need to take control over your fleet’s tolls and reduce costs for your fleet.

Avoid the risk of toll violations, control costs, and eliminate the administrative burden of toll management with Donlen’s comprehensive toll solution, DonlenPass.

Want to learn more about how you can reduce your fleet toll and violation spend with DonlenPass? Contact us today.