Donlen's Customer Service Culture: We Are Listening

Earlier this week, Donlen received the 2021 Excellence in Customer Service Award from Business Intelligence Group. And, in the spirit of this award, we’d like to share some thoughts about how we differentiate ourselves through service in the fleet management industry.


At Donlen, we understand that customer service is not just a function of one department. It is a mindset that we encourage everyone throughout our organization to embrace. The systems and processes we put in place to ensure quality and consistency in service delivery are an important foundation. But we know our people need more than tools. They need a mantra or ethos to guide them as a true north.


Over the years, we’ve developed close, collaborative relationships with our customers by listening to their unique challenges and needs. We’ve encouraged honest and constructive feedback so that we can improve. Using this invaluable feedback, we’ve encapsulated our vision into an acronym – AREPA which stands for Accountability, Responsive, Excellence, Proactive and Accurate. We all own this vision and use it for inspiration when working with our customers.


Our customers encounter multiple touchpoints from integration to account management, acquisition, driver support, maintenance and remarketing to name a few. And when they do, AREPA is positioned in the forefront of these interactions.


AREPA is our cultural vision we developed by listening to our customers. But we are not done listening. As leadership expert and author of Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service, Ken Blanchard says, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” We are all ears.


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