Streamline Your Fleet’s Order-to-Delivery Process with Donlen’s Order Management System

Donlen's Order Management systemIn the past, ordering fleet vehicles has been an intricate process that required the collaboration of several people and systems to guarantee the timely delivery of the right vehicle. This has presented challenges to fleet management companies to provide more visibility of a vehicle’s status, and a need for a more streamlined ordering process. With the rollout of Donlen’s new Order Management system, Donlen is providing just that and more.

“Our new Order Management system is completely customizable, and will allow customers to streamline the upfit process as well as the delivery and plating process,” said Donlen’s VP of vehicle acquisitions, Cindy Gomez. “There are three major components to the ordering system: the ordering tool itself or selector creation, an order approval function, which will help a customer with their internal order approval process, and bailment pool management.”

Selector creation and upfitting

Through the Order Management system, Donlen customers will now have the ability to see multiple upfit packages and tie them to a vehicle selector as well as the ability see the actual schematics of those upfit packages so they know exactly what they’re ordering.

From a selector creation standpoint, the look and feel of the new ordering system will be totally different than anything that came before. The system will provide customers with complete visibility to the effects that selecting certain build options may have on others or the impact to the vehicle overall. Additionally, if there are any specialty plates or weights that a customer would like a vehicle registered for, they can specify that at the time of the order placement as well.


Donlen's Order Management system offers a couple of different fully customizable functions in addition to the comprehensive selector creation and upfitting options, the first being the brand new order approval function. “The order approval function was built to help our customers manage their internal approval processes through our award-winning fleet management system, FleetWeb®,” said Gomez.

The system can include up to 99 levels of people who must review and approve the order before it is submitted to Donlen. Additionally, the person who submits the order for approval will have full visibility of the vehicle’s status throughout the entirety of the order process. For those worried about delays in the approval process due to slow movement up the approval chain, Donlen has integrated an e-mail alert so that the person responsible for the delay can make the approval through e-mail. Lastly, the history of the approval process is stored so there is visibility as to when an approval occurs and who made the approval.

Also included within the Order Management tool is bailment pool management. Bailment pool vehicles are different from regular pool vehicles in that they are unassigned units rather than units that are shared between drivers. These bailment pool vehicles are left sitting at an upfitters location, waiting to be assigned to a branch or a specific driver.

“With the bailment management pool vehicle ordering we’ve managed to streamline the process so that when a customer goes to order a vehicle, they can just assign it to a driver,” said Gomez. “From there, they can provide the upfit specifications and submit the order, which greatly reduces the order-to-delivery time, while simultaneously providing visibility to their available pool vehicles as well.”   

The fleet vehicle ordering process has never been easier. With enhanced visibility and a more efficient ordering process, Donlen’s Order Management system allows fleet managers to spend less time tracking down their orders and more time focusing on other business initiatives.

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