What Donlen's New Telematics Mobile App Functionality Has to Offer for Your Fleet

Donlen telematics mobile appTelematics provides great insight to the inner workings of your fleet. It can provide data and identify areas of unnecessary spending or opportunities to reduce fleet costs through actions such as improving driver behavior. However, one of the main challenges with modern telematics software up until this point is that it only offered daily driver behavior and vehicle health visibility to the fleet manager and higher level employees. That changes today.

“We’ve created a new functionality within the Donlen Driver™ Mobile app. Anyone that has implemented Donlen’s DriverPoint® Telematics program will now have access to a mobile version of the program and, more importantly, that data will now be available to the driver on demand,” said Donlen’s director of telematics and safety products, Tom Sloan.

Telematics visibility for fleet drivers

Previously, only the fleet manager had access to the real-time data collected within telematics software. This left him or her responsible for relaying the information to their drivers and attempting to modify their behavior behind the wheel prior to receiving their monthly Scorecard rating. The challenge was that the driver had no real-time visibility to the data their fleet manager was referencing when coaching risky driving behavior.

“Now, drivers can login and see the data or driving behavior, and they’ll have access to visuals of what their fleet manager may have talked to them about during a coaching session,” said Sloan. 

The driver isn’t the only one who will benefit from the new functionality. Fleet managers’ jobs will be easier as drivers will have access to the same telematics data. Now, with both fleet manager and driver provided visibility to the same data points, they can both work together towards decreasing risky driving behavior.

How Donlen’s telematics mobile app helps you

The most important factor when trying to improve risky driving behavior is obtaining the actual data from the use of telematics. So what information is included within the new functionality of the Donlen Driver Mobile app?

There is now a separate link within the Donlen Driver mobile app, which allows drivers access to DriverPoint Telematics. From there, the driver can view their monthly green rating score, which is a score ranging from 0-10 that is given to a driver each month as a reflection of their driving behavior for that time period. The green rating takes risky driving behavior like acceleration events, deceleration events, idling, and speeding into account and a breakdown of each of those categories is available upon further examination of their score within the mobile app. However, that’s not all that’s new.

“Once inside the app, drivers will be able to see how many trips they’ve taken, the number of hours they’ve spent driving, and the number of miles they’ve driven within that month,” said Sloan. “Additionally, drivers can analyze each one of their trips. The routes they’ve driven will be plotted on a map and markings will appear in locations where a risky driving event occurred so that drivers can take action to prevent that type of behavior in the future. Drivers can also tap into vehicle health data like oil level, tire pressure, and odometer, which furthers their vehicle safety and adherence to corporate policy.”

With the added functionality to the Donlen Driver Mobile app, drivers using DriverPoint Telematics will finally have access to all of the data and solutions that were previously unavailable to them. Additionally, fleet managers will be able to collaborate with their drivers to set goals around behavior behind the wheel and work together to reach those safety and behavior goals.

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