Donlen’s Electronic Logging Device Solution Integrated with DriverPoint Telematics

The December 18, 2017 deadline for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) electronic logging device (ELD) mandate is quickly approaching. We explained the mandate in more detail and introduced Donlen’s electronic logging device solution earlier this year. Now we are happy to announce that our ELD solution just got even more powerful, with the ability to seamlessly view telematics data captured by the ELDs in DriverPoint® Telematics.

Donlen’s electronic logging device solution

We have partnered with industry leader J. J. Keller & Associates to offer an electronic logging solution that is fully compliant, simple to use, and flexible for your fleet vehicles and drivers. J. J. Keller’s ELD solution meets the requirements of the FMCSA electronic logging device mandate, works with all vehicle classes (1-8), is compatible with iPhone®, iPad®, and most Android™ devices, and can be installed in less than 10 minutes. This easy-to-use solution provides enhanced visibility and real-time access to HOS logs for fleet managers and drivers to ensure compliance with FMCSA regulations.

Seamless telematics data integration with DriverPoint Telematics

So you’ve got full visibility to your HOS logs, but what about your telematics data? By integrating our proprietary telematics platform, DriverPoint Telematics, with J.J. Keller, fleet professionals can now access their full fleet telematics data in one platform.

With DriverPoint, whether you have ELDs, OnStar GM fleet vehicles, or an OBD-II device, all of your telematics data appears on the same maps and reports allowing you to identify opportunities to improve the safety of your fleet and reduce costs.

Our ELD solution makes it easy for you to comply with hours of service regulations, improve driver safety, and reduce spend with DriverPoint Telematics.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you comply with the FMCSA electronic logging device mandate.


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