Increase Fleet Driver Productivity with Donlen’s DonlenDriver™ Mobile App

DonlenDriver-MobileManaging your fleet and your vehicles no matter where the road may take your fleet drivers just got easier with updates to Donlen’s state-of-the-art mobile app, DonlenDriver Mobile. The latest features in DonlenDriver Mobile help increase fleet driver productivity and include convenient access to important vehicle documentation and notifications.

DonlenDriver already provides fleet drivers with the tools they need to easily access and input important information in areas such as personal tax reporting, new vehicle ordering, company policy compliance, and vehicle delivery status updates. DonlenDriver Mobile seamlessly exchanges real-time data with our existing platforms, guaranteeing that your drivers have access to the same functionality whether they are in the office or on the road.

“Fleet drivers are becoming more and more productive every day with their company vehicles truly becoming a remote office,” said Jeff Pursell, Donlen Principal Database Architect. “With DonlenDriver Mobile, drivers now have the ability to view vital documents and important notifications that will contribute to this increase in productivity.”

Easy access to fleet vehicle-related documents

With this latest addition to DonlenDriver Mobile’s functionality, drivers can upload and download vital documents including title, registration and insurance cards right from their phones by clicking the Documents icon from the app’s home screen. The Documents tab allows drivers to upload a picture of their vehicle documentation quickly and easily. With all of their important vehicle documents at their fingertips, drivers can access them at any time, no matter where they are.

Real-time notifications help keep fleet drivers in compliance

The new Notifications tab within DonlenDriver Mobile allows drivers to access real-time PUSH notifications and DriverPoint alerts right from their phones. Convenient access to these notifications means that your drivers can access important compliance-related alerts without having to log into a computer or their email. With instant access to preventive maintenance reminders or DriverPoint® driving behavior alerts, drivers will be better equipped to maintain compliance with your fleet’s policies.

Existing convenient features of DonlenDriver Mobile

In addition to the new features that are available, DonlenDriver Mobile also offers the existing convenient, productivity-driving, cost-saving functionality our customers have come to rely on. Those features include:

Real-time access to vehicle information

The Vehicle Info tab provides users the ability to search and view vehicles. Information includes Maintenance, Fuel, Billing, and License & Title. The Enter Mileage tab offers a convenient and accurate means of tracking mileage.

Intelligent fuel station and service vendor find tools

Donlen’s Intelligent Fuel Find locates the optimal fuel station based on a proprietary algorithm that includes fuel transaction price, vehicle mpg, driving distance, and driver time. The Find Service tab lets users locate service vendors with filters on a vendor brand or type of service required.

Convenient one-touch access to our world-class contact center

The Contact Center tab allows users to quickly navigate their phone tree to call the appropriate fleet contacts 24 hours a day.


With all of these tools available from the home screen of DonlenDriver Mobile, your drivers have instant access to the resources they need to perform their jobs effectively and within compliance. Increase the productivity of your fleet drivers by putting their office in the palm of their hands with the DonlenDriver Mobile app.

Learn more about how you can increase convenience and productivity for your fleet drivers with Donlen’s Mobile Apps.


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