Conduct Comprehensive Fleet Vehicle Comparison Analysis with Donlen’s Next-Generation Vehicle Optimization Model® (VOM)

fleet vehicle comparison in Donlen's VOMAt Donlen, we believe that optimal fleet performance is driven by data-backed decisions. We continuously invest in our technology to deliver beneficial fleet technology to our customers, giving them the necessary data they need to make the most informed decisions for their fleet. One of the tools Donlen customers leverage is the Vehicle Optimization Model (VOM), and with our recent updates to our proprietary, interactive system, fleet vehicle comparison analysis for selection and cycling decisions is simplified and streamlined.

“Donlen’s new and improved Vehicle Optimization Model provides customers with the ability to change a variety of input parameters to enable powerful ‘what-if’ scenario analysis comparing the total cost of ownership of a wide variety of fleet vehicle selection options,” said Amy Blaine, VP of Consulting, Analytics, and Sustainability at Donlen.

By comparing your fleet vehicle and cycling options with our powerful, efficient VOM, not only can you identify the most cost-effective vehicles, you can also explore the impact that rising fuel prices may have on your total cost of ownership as well as negotiate stronger fleet incentives.

Compare the total cost of ownership (TCO) of many fleet-friendly vehicles

Whether you are deciding between cycling your fleet vehicles at 36 or 48 months or whether to lease the Ford Fusion or Toyota Camry, our comprehensive tool empowers you to make the most cost-effective choice for your fleet based on powerful data housed in our award-winning FleetWeb® platform.

By selecting vehicles, months in service, and annual mileage, you can effectively project your fleet's performance and compare hundreds of vehicle options. For any comparison analysis you conduct in the VOM, you can customize the financial parameters to reflect your fleet’s specific scenario, such as:

  • Calculating different financial parameters, such as interest rates
  • Factoring in any manufacturer incentives and additional content

New multi-select functionality allows you to compare as many fleet vehicles as you’d like at the same time by choosing all of the vehicles at once when beginning your analysis. You can also access vehicle specifications and a paydown schedule. This added functionality makes comparing the data for all of the vehicles you are considering more efficient.

Review and interpret fleet vehicle comparison data effectively with improved look and feel

User interface enhancements to the VOM make the tool more user-friendly, allowing you to easily review your data, extrapolate recommendations, and present your results in a way that is more impactful. With your vehicle comparison analysis data presented to you in an intuitive way, you can reach your goals of reducing your total cost of ownership or your carbon footprint.

Easily export and share your findings with decision makers in your company

When accessed via desktop, all of the reports and analyses you run in Donlen’s VOM can be exported into either a PDF or Excel file that you can share with the decision makers in your company, empowering you with the data you need to get corporate buy-in for your fleet vehicle selection.

“The precise analysis available through the VOM makes the vehicle selection process faster and provides the full picture of the cost of a vehicle, empowering users of the tool to make more cost-effective decisions,” said Blaine. “With the VOM, fleet professionals can select vehicles with the best TCO, as well as discover the appropriate time to cycle vehicles to reduce their costs.”

Make cost-effective fleet decisions, improve your fleet’s performance, and reduce your total cost of ownership with one powerful tool – Donlen’s VOM.  

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