Donlen Takes the Cost and Risk Out of Fleet Violations

Toll violations make up about 56% of all fleet violations, but what about the other 44%? In addition to Donlen’s popular toll management solution, Donlen now offers a comprehensive electronic solution to address other fleet violations, such as parking and photo-enforcement tickets. Designed to reduce risks and cut costs, Donlen’s all-new Violation Management program can help fleets save up to 80% compared with traditional violation processing methods.

Transfer liability to drive savings

With Violation Management, transfer of liability is possible for about 80% of violations, simplifying the processing of violations, and yielding the largest portion of savings for our customers.

“Our program is a proactive solution for violation management with transfer of liability directly to the driver for most violations,” said Kim Howard, Donlen Licensing Services Manager. “By switching from the pay and collect model, transfer of liability eliminates the need to seek reimbursement from drivers and can significantly reduce overall violation spend.”


In jurisdictions where the issuing authority does not permit transfer of liability to the driver, Donlen will arrange payment of the violation before late penalties accrue and then seek reimbursement from the driver. “With Violation Management, violations are paid before penalty escalation, and reimbursement is sought from the driver first without the need for any fleet involvement,” said Howard.

Designed for the convenience of your fleet

Violation Management eliminates the burden and expense of processing violations internally. Managing violations can take a lot of fleet manager, driver, and accounts payable time. The longer it takes to resolve a violation, the higher the risk of escalated financial penalties and other consequences, such as booting and towing. With Donlen’s Violation Management program companies can eliminate that lengthy administrative work, remove the risk of growing fines, and focus on their core business.

Violation Management also gives fleet managers the ability to monitor violation activity and driver behavior with its robust reporting package. Fleets can benefit from increased visibility into behaviors linked to driver safety, such as red light and speed camera violations.

Donlen customers can also pair Violation Management with our existing DonlenPass Toll Management program for a comprehensive solution that addresses all manner of fleet violations.

Driver benefits

Violation Management isn’t just great for fleet managers. Drivers can benefit from our robust program as well! Donlen’s Violation Management program gives control back to drivers so that they can pay or dispute their tickets and resolve matters directly with the issuing authority. When transfer of liability is not an option, Donlen’s Violation Management reduces your drivers’ risk of increasing penalties for late- or non-payment by ensuring violations are paid before escalation. Violation Management also allows drivers to view their violation detail immediately online, and enables your drivers to take action to resolve or dispute their violations more efficiently than traditional methods.

Donlen encourages fleets to review all applicable regulations when implementing a program seeking driver reimbursement.

Reduce your fleet’s risks, cut violation costs, and free your fleet managers and drivers to get more done with Donlen’s Violation Management program.

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