Fuel Supply Potentially Impacted by Driver Shortage

Industry experts are warning we may face potential fuel shortages in the months to come. Although there is no shortage of oil or gasoline, the distribution network is vulnerable as there is a steep decline in qualified tank drivers. The pandemic caused many drivers to retire or seek alternative employment. Replenishing the tank driver workforce is not a simple process because specialized training is required to transport fuel. It can take up to six months for a tank driver to qualify for a license with a four-week training course and 160 hours of driving time required.


The National Tank Truck Carriers trade group estimates that approximately 25% of trucks around the country are not being used – an increase of 15% from last year.


It is predicted that the most affected areas will be near tourist spots such as beaches, mountains and popular urban destinations.


Here are some things you can do to be proactive:


  • Be alert and pay attention to local conditions
  • No need to continually top off
  • Do fill up as you get to a quarter tank
  • Plan ahead as you travel to all vacation destination areas and specifically Florida, Arizona and Las Vegas


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