Full Service Leasing vs. Unbundled Services

Full Service Leasing vs. Unbundled Services

When it comes to leasing trucks, your first move should be to take a step back and review the needs of your fleet. Are you unfamiliar with managing a truck fleet? Or do you already have infrastructure in place to help support and manage your fleet? The answers to these questions will determine what type of leasing services your fleet needs in order to be successful.

 “Unbundled services is more of a pick and choose service,” said Donlen’s vp, primary truck services Greg Wilson. “It allows fleets that already have experienced staff members or management infrastructure in place to get the support they need in the areas they need it. On the other hand, full service leasing is a sort of concierge service where the provider does everything on behalf of the customer from start to finish.”

Strategic recommendations to reduce expenses

With unbundled services, FMCs like Donlen can use fleet data collection systems to connect to all of a company’s branch locations. That connection is used to compile data from all locations across the customer’s fleet. Then, that data is analyzed to provide the customer with actionable insights they can use to reduce the annual expenses of their fleet.

Full service leasing doesn’t give you this same benefit as many providers who offer full service leasing use disparate, outdated systems that don’t connect to all of their customer’s branch locations. If their fleet management system isn’t connected to all of your fleet vehicles, then how can they offer you an accurate overview of all of your fleet’s data? The short answer is: they can’t.

Vehicle lifecycle analysis

You don’t want to manage a fleet of old, beat-up trucks, right? An FMC that offers unbundled services can track the status of all your fleet vehicles and make sure they’re not too old to be in service. Cycling your vehicles with the help of an FMC can actually save you money by cutting down on maintenance expenses, downtime, and other unforeseen costs that come with older, worn down vehicles.

Unfortunately, full service leasing is a bit more problematic when it comes to helping cycle your vehicles. The reason comes back to those FMCs not being connected to all of your branch locations. If they don’t have access to data from all vehicles across your fleet, then there may be inconsistencies within their cycling process, meaning they may not cycle your vehicles when they need to be cycled.

Customer responsibility

Compared to full service leasing, unbundled services puts more responsibility on the customer to make sure their fleet vehicles are being properly maintained. This might be fine for those with the fleet management experience to standardize policies and processes to manage fleet vehicles. However, those with little to no experience in fleet management may find the transition somewhat of a challenge at first.

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