7 Ways to Get Leadership Buy-In for Fleet Management Strategies [Infographic]

Increasingly, fleet managers are expected to reduce already reduced spend. When faced with this expectation, fleet professionals are presented with many challenges such as the overwhelming amount of data to parse through, getting bang for their buck, and getting management buy-in. And in order to get leadership approval for fleet management strategies that achieve their goals, fleet managers must think like financial analysts.

In a recent webinar, we explained how fleet managers can tackle many of those challenges head-on using scorecards, but in this blog post we want to focus on one specific challenge the fleet manager of tomorrow is facing: how to get senior management buy-in for fleet strategies.

The most critical thing a fleet professional needs in order to get management buy-in is data that supports their strategies. Fleet managers can gather the data they need to make strategic, financial decisions by using fleet scorecards to analyze their fleet’s performance. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves…

What is a fleet scorecard?

In short, a fleet scorecard is a performance measuring tool that allows you to focus on key metrics. Scorecards are fleet tools that illustrate both good performance and areas of opportunity, as well as providing observations and actionable items.

With that in mind, let’s dive into how you can use fleet scorecards when developing and presenting your fleet strategies.

Using scorecards to state your case for fleet management strategies

Ultimately, by employing the mindset of a financial analyst and using fleet scorecards you can better identify where to look in your data in order to pinpoint actions to take that lead to improved spend, safety, and compliance. But once you develop your plan for new fleet strategies based on those scorecards, how do you get leadership to buy in?

Take a look at our infographic below for a guide to getting management approval for your fleet management plans. This infographic outlines seven tips you can follow to get management buy-in for your fleet strategies.

Get Leadership Buy-In Fleet Management Strategies Infographic

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