Easily Manage Driver Behavior with Donlen’s New DriverPoint® Telematics Business Intelligence Dashboard

Donlen recently released its newest addition to a growing collection of dashboards within the FleetWeb™ Intelligence Visualization Suite: DriverPoint® Telematics. Providing the most comprehensive and accurate telematics data is what Donlen constantly strives towards. This new dashboard is taking an important step towards that goal by allowing you to easily manage driver behavior for your business.

“This new Visualization Suite dashboard marks yet another milestone in telematics technology allowing customers to explore driver behaviors,” said Donlen’s VP of strategic consulting John Wuich. “While other dashboards focus more on analyzing data at the vehicle level, this new dashboard focuses on analyzing data at the driver level by looking at driver behaviors.”

Yep, you read that right. Rather than compiling and analyzing vehicle data within a fleet like other telematics functions, Donlen’s newest dashboard focuses on data at the driver level by drawing data from the DriverPoint “driver” DataMart in our Data Warehouse. It subsequently uses that data to focus on exceptions and aggressive driving behavior.

Manage driver behavior through exceptions

Donlen’s new DriverPoint Telematics dashboard allows you the ability to break down and identify key driver exceptions through the innovative implementation of heat mapping. Those exceptions include high idling, “heavy foot” drivers, and high speed event occurrences.


Idling occurs when a driver leaves their vehicle’s engine turned on when it is not in use. The heat map allows fleet managers to look at one or more individual drivers of pockets of drivers that stand out at a zip code level for excessive idling.

"Heavy foot" drivers

A driver with a “heavy foot” has a tendency to accelerate and decelerate (brake) a vehicle very quickly, which is viewed as an aggressive driving behavior. On a similar note, high speed event occurrences are defined as the frequency at which drivers travel over the regulated speed limit (another aggressive driving behavior). Having a “heavy foot” and a significant number of high speed event occurrences are both indicators of at-risk, accident-causing behaviors.

High speed event occurrences

“In addition to being a more intuitive way to look at data, the new dashboard makes our DriverPoint data more actionable at the driver level and affords fleet managers the opportunity to interact with their drivers in order to correct risky driving behavior or exceptions,” said Donlen’s director of telematics & safety products Elizabeth Rossiter.


Donlen’s new DriverPoint dashboard is an important addition to the FleetWeb Intelligence Visualization Suite as it serves as yet another demonstration of a commitment towards developing innovative technology. Not only does it change things up by focusing on data at the driver level, it employs the advanced use of heat mapping to identify drivers with high idle patterns, “heavy feet,” and an excessive number of speeding events. That alone makes this latest addition worth checking out.

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