Efficiently Manage Your Fleet Vehicle Recalls with Donlen’s Recall inSIGHT®

OEMs may be required by law to notify vehicle owners of any vehicle recalls that have been identified, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy for fleet managers and drivers to know when a recall is ready for repairs. A recall campaign begins when an OEM identifies a defect with certain vehicle makes or models that requires repairs. Months can go by from the initial recall announcement made by the OEM to the point when vehicle owners can make repair appointments at a dealership. It can be a long and oftentimes painful process to continuously check on the status of a recall campaign.

With the number of recalls exponentially increasing over the last few years, it is equally difficult to keep track of the risk associated with each recall. High risk recalls expose vehicles to possible crashes and drivers to a risk of injury, while low risk recalls may only require sticker changes. Donlen’s new Recall inSIGHT solution helps you to efficiently manage through these challenges.

“Our product provides customers with detailed recall information that enables them to improve recall completion rates and times for their fleet,” said Donlen’s VP, maintenance/accident products & supplier management, Oliver Zerhusen.

Filter vehicle recalls by severity and check recall campaign status

Recal inSIGHT provides open and closed recall information, broken down by recall campaigns that you can filter by severity ratings as well as different statuses within a campaign. Now, let’s break that down into the product’s two key features.

“Recall inSIGHT includes a proprietary severity risk rating, 1 being lowest risk and 5 being highest risk,” said Zerhusen. “The highest risk recall campaigns are the ones that customers want to prioritize, since they pose safety concerns to drivers on the road.”

Providing a system that ranks the severity of the recall allows fleet managers to take necessary action, especially around high risk recall campaigns. Arrangements can be made to take immediate action in order to minimize the risk of accidents due to a malfunctioning vehicle. Recall inSIGHT also enables customers to screen for vehicle recalls that are ready for repairs, which takes us to the second key benefit of the product: recall campaign status updates.

Once an OEM has identified a defect that typically poses a risk to motor vehicle safety, they’ll mail out a notice to vehicle owners. Several weeks may pass before they diagnose the issue and figure out what they need to do to fix it. Once that happens, a second notice will be sent out that specifies the remedy. Finally, after several more weeks have passed, a third notice will typically be mailed announcing that dealerships have received all the parts and instructions needed to perform recall repairs.

These three campaign statuses are stored within Recall inSIGHT for customers to view at any time. Obviously, the one status customers are most interested in is the last one announcing that recall repair appointments can be made. At that point, our tool allows fleet managers to engage their drivers to complete the recall.

“Our product offering is very unique in the fleet industry, in that we provide access to recall data in a way that is truly actionable for our customers”, said Zerhusen. “Furthermore, we provide a deep breadth of recall information across a high number of OEMs, aggregating data from more than 50 databases into one solution in Donlen’s FleetWeb® system”

Improve recall completion times and reduce risk for your drivers

Donlen updates recall information in FleetWeb on a daily basis, adding new recall campaigns once they are announced as well as updating individual vehicle information once recall repairs have been completed. “Customers can establish efficient follow-up processes around the information we provide,” said Zerhusen. “Improving recall completion times and reduced admin work is the real goal behind Recall inSIGHT.”

Besides reduced on-the-road risk for drivers, customers also benefit from higher resale values when a much smaller share of their vehicles have open recalls at the time assets are being sold. Efficiently managing recall completions will therefore also positively contribute to your fleet’s bottom line.

Managing open recalls on your fleet vehicles can be an exhausting process, but it doesn’t have to be. With Donlen’s new Recall inSIGHT solution, you’re provided a system that tracks the status of recall campaigns and ranks them by severity. You can now engage your drivers to take action as soon as dealers are ready to perform repairs and, consequently, reduce your drivers’ safety risk by reducing the amount of time your vehicles are on the road with open recalls.

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