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So Your Fleet Has Risky Drivers, Now What?

If you work as a fleet manager or in some capacity where you’re managing the operations of your company’s fleet, then the safety of your fleet and its drivers should always be at the top of your list. Evaluating the safety of your fleet means you’ll ...

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Breaking Down Mobility Fleets

Since mobility has really only recently become more prevalent within the fleet industry, some fleet professionals may still be a little unclear on the role it’s expected to play within the coming years as well as the similarities and differences ...

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7 Fleet Safety Tips You Can Steal From Successful Fleet Managers

Along with meeting your business objectives, the safety of your fleet and drivers should be one of your top concerns at all times. There is always room for improvement when it comes to making your fleet safer and, lucky for you, Donlen has compiled a ...

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Too Much Data, Not Enough Time: 4 Tools Every Fleet Manager Needs When Managing Fleet Data

by Tom Callahan

President Tom Callahan shares four tools every fleet manager needs when managing fleet data, especially when that fleet manager has a lot of data, maybe even ...

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How to Choose the Right Fleet Leasing Solution

For most fleets, leasing offers the flexibility of ownership along with the cash flow and tax benefits of leasing. Fleet leasing allows you to free up other credit lines and maximize your free cash flow. Leasing your fleet vehicles also ensures ...

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3 Keys to a Winning Truck Fleet Management Strategy

Medium- and heavy-duty truck fleet management presents many challenges. Minimizing vehicle downtime, avoiding unnecessary expenses, and keeping up with constantly changing compliance requirements are only the tip of the iceberg. However, the biggest ...

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NAFA’s 2018 I&E in the Rearview Mirror

This time last month, we were kicking off NAFA’s 2018 I&E. Now another eventful I&E has come and gone, but just in case you missed it, we want to give you a recap of our busy week at NAFA!

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Excel as a Strategic Fleet Manager in 7 Steps

A strategic fleet manager is hard to define. They’re someone who needs to have a long-term vision of what they want to accomplish for their fleet while setting policies that are supported by senior leadership. They should embrace advancements in ...

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Telematics Data Points that can Help You Predict and Prevent Fleet Accidents

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Take Your Fleet’s Safety Technology to the Next Level with Donlen’s Crash Detection Alerts

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