Take Your Fleet’s Safety Technology to the Next Level with Donlen’s Crash Detection Alerts

Crash Detection alerts in DriverPoint TelematicsAs almost any professional in the fleet industry worth his or her salt will tell you, the safety of your fleet drivers comes before everything else. Fleet management companies like Donlen have been and continue to strive towards making the roads a safe place for fleet drivers and everyone around them. That is what makes the release of our Crash Detection alerts such a significant addition to our DriverPoint® Telematics dashboards in the FleetWeb™ Intelligence Visualization Suite.

“Crash Detection is an important part of the rollout for our next generation of devices,” said Donlen’s director, telematics & safety products, Elizabeth Rossiter. “Our Crash Detection alerts have the potential to significantly impact the way fleet managers view safety and handle litigation after an accident occurs.”

How Crash Detection alerts work

Crash Detection technology measures a change in G-force based on an impact to a vehicle. G-force can be described as a force that acts on a body or object as a result of acceleration or gravity. In order for a crash detection alert to occur, the change in G-force must meet a threshold of 2.5g. That 2.5g change can result from many types of collisions. For example, it can result from a simple, head-on collision with another vehicle, or it could be made up of impacts to the front and driver’s-side bumpers that takes into account a left-to-right change in G-force as well as front-to-back that totals 2.5g or more. 

Crash Detection alerts appear as icons on a map located in the DriverPoint Telematics portal in FleetWeb. When you hover over the crash alert icons, you are provided with a description of the crash event, the date and time stamp of the event, and the details concerning where the impact occurred.

Fleet managers will also be able to view any crash detection alerts within the safety profiles of individual drivers within DriverPoint. Additionally, DriverPoint can generate reports that catalogue crash detection alerts along with other driver behavior alerts like speeding, harsh accelerations and decelerations, and idling.

“Alerts will be sent out almost instantaneously after a crash occurs. Typically, a crash detection alert should appear on your map within 30 seconds of the crash event,” said Rossiter. “This technology brings a new level of transparency and simplicity to the litigation process as it pertains to deciding who was in the wrong.”

Embracing advancements in innovative fleet safety technology is the only way to ensure that your drivers are practicing safe behaviors behind the wheel, and Donlen’s Crash Detection technology aims to do just that. Not only is it incredibly useful from a safety perspective, but the full visibility to a driver’s actions before and immediately following a crash event is an important step towards an improved process that has typically depended on driver testimony and/or eye witness accounts.

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