Get Your Drivers Home Safely with the Donlen Risk Center

Get your drivers home safely with the Donlen Risk CenterGetting behind the wheel of a vehicle always has the possibility to result in an accident or even injury to the driver, and, if you’re a fleet manager, making sure your drivers get home safely should be your top priority. In an era where driving is more dangerous than ever due to distractions, this can prove to be difficult. However, the latest introduction to Donlen’s comprehensive fleet solutions, the Donlen Risk Center, has the ability to make that part of your job a whole lot easier.

About the Donlen Risk Center

“The Donlen Risk Center is the only solution in the fleet management industry that offers an unmatched, aggregated, real-time view of vehicle data and driver behavior from one provider,” said director of telematics and safety products, Elizabeth Rossiter. “It automatically provides proactive insights and actionable steps to reduce your accident rate by 15-20%, improve overall fleet safety, and reduce exposure to risk.”

The Risk Center takes data from all areas where driver risk may result in increased costs. All of that safety and operating data such as driver motor vehicle record results, accident history, violations, fuel, maintenance, safety training, and telematics infractions is then combined within Donlen’s FleetWeb™ Intelligence Visualization Suite. This provides a single point of reference for all of your fleet’s data, eliminating the need for multiple systems as well as manual data compilation and analysis, and presenting a crystal clear view of your individual drivers’ data.

Having all of your fleet data compiled in one place also allows you to use Donlen’s advanced predictive analytics, which provide useful insights and actionable steps that can be taken to prevent violations and accidents within your fleet.

“Instead of reacting to aggressive driver behavior or the accidents caused by it, Donlen’s predictive analytics affords fleet managers the opportunity to recognize the potential for unsafe driving before it causes any harm,” said Rossiter.

How the Donlen Risk Center works

The Donlen Risk Center

The Donlen Risk Center works by assigning each individual driver a risk level from A through D based upon data that includes past accidents, traffic violations, motor vehicle reports (MVR), and required training, with up to 36 months of history. All of that combined data serves to identify drivers with a propensity for unsafe driving and automatically assign them corrective training.

Compilation and predictive analyzation

Additionally, Donlen’s compilation and predictive analyzation of all of that driver data into one solution allows you the ability to have a proactive influence over the behavior of your drivers. The FleetWeb Intelligence Visualization Suite dashboard clearly displays fleet data in an easily understandable format while simultaneously providing you the option to drill down to an individual driver level.

“Where drivers are displaying aggressive or unsafe behavior behind the wheel, the Risk Center will enable you to take targeted measures to help high-risk drivers operate their vehicles more safely, said Rossiter. “There are a variety of training courses and options available that can be assigned to drivers depending on the areas in which they need corrective instruction.”  


Improving the safety of your fleet and its drivers as well as reducing exposure to risk is no easy task. The Donlen Risk Center makes it simpler by allowing you to manage each of your individual drivers’ data from one single solution, identifying aggressive or reckless behavior, and taking proactive steps to correct it as well as promoting safe driving habits. This ensures that the roads are a safer place for your fleet drivers and everyone around them.     

Get your drivers home safely by contacting Donlen today.


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