3 Keys to a Winning Truck Fleet Management Strategy

Medium- and heavy-duty truck fleet management presents many challenges. Minimizing vehicle downtime, avoiding unnecessary expenses, and keeping up with constantly changing compliance requirements are only the tip of the iceberg. However, the biggest challenge may simply be not having the expertise to manage all aspects of your truck fleet, including sourcing the right equipment with the right specifications for the right application. Trying to solve these problems by using multiple vendors and systems only tends to make matters more complex. To manage your truck fleet efficiently, you need to implement a comprehensive strategy that accounts for the unique needs of your fleet as well as your company’s overall objectives.

“To get the most out of your truck fleet, a breadth of skills is required along the entire truck lifecycle,” said Donlen truck vice president Jason Boyd. “Experience with acquisition, upfitting, maintenance, remarketing, and more are needed for your organization to maintain a successful truck fleet. Attempting to engage an array of disconnected vendors simply will not achieve the results you’re after.”

So what do you need to successfully manage your truck fleet? Let’s dive into three things that will be key to your truck fleet’s success:

1. Data-driven fleet management

When it comes to decision-making regarding truck acquisition, financing, upfitting, maintenance, fuel management, compliance, remarketing and more, it pays to be informed. Comprehensive technology platforms like Donlen’s FleetWeb® track all of your fleet’s data and update it in real time, providing you with the information and insights you need to reduce costs, decrease downtime, maintain regulatory compliance, and much more. 

2. Broad network of truck providers

Finding a vendor that meets the needs of your truck fleet can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Access to a broad network of truck providers makes in-house fleet management more efficient and affords you the opportunity to find vendors that are the right match for your fleet. “Donlen finds a vendor that is the best fit for the needs of a customer. This is a major benefit for our customers as we can offer optimal equipment specs and improved delivery timeframes,” said Boyd.

3. Consultative approach from a single provider

Finding a single provider that can deliver the comprehensive services and technology you need will enable you to effectively manage your truck fleet the way you see fit. For example, fleet management companies like Donlen provide customers a true, consultative partnership throughout the entire truck lifecycle. As opposed to a collection of transactions with vendors, Donlen customers benefit from years of consultative experience as well as recommendations from our team of truck experts. This partnership is characterized by working closely with customers, providing ongoing, proactive communication to uncover trends and strategic opportunities that will reduce costs and downtime while simultaneously maximizing your truck fleet’s efficiency. 

Partnering with an FMC like Donlen presents you with all three of these key elements that your truck fleet needs to succeed and so much more. Your fleet will have access to a single provider that delivers comprehensive suite of truck fleet services, reduce unnecessary costs, and maintain compliance while optimizing every aspect of your truck fleet.

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